TYT presents Disco is The Way to Go!

Limerick Youth Theatre’s Transition Year Theatre company proudly presents Disco is the Way To Go! directed by John Hogan. The play is co-written by Aoife Breen and John Hogan and tells the story of Rasputin and his rise to the height of Russian society. In the play, he becomes a close friend and advisor to the Tsar and Royal Family all being played out to a 70’s disco soundtrack. Working with 14 transition year students from schools in Limerick city and county, the play will be staged by the Transition Year Theatre (TYT) Company at the Belltable on 1 & 2 March 2022. The TYT Company is being supported by two undergraduates, Aoife Breen and Cormac Laffan from MIC’s BA in Contemporary & Applied Theatre Studies who will lend their expertise to the production.

A mystery illness afflicts the Tsar’s son which some believe can only be cured by Rasputin – the disco dancing monk. However, some of the nobility aren’t as enamoured with Rasputin’s involvement. They devise a plan to assassinate him at an opportune moment. If that wasn’t enough for The Royal Family, the local punk rock band Lenin and the Revolutionaries plan to take over the country once they win the National Dance-Off competition! Through it all, Rasputin does not waiver as he believes Disco Is The Way To Go!


As the director says; ‘…even though Rasputin is the central character, this is very much an ensemble piece. There were so many things happening in this period which have been woven into the script. Rasputin features in less than half the scenes as many other characters provide action and intrigue which influences the plot. Also, it was very important that each member of the cast got a fair share to do in the play.  Having a large cast of characters has worked well using this particular approach.’

Music also plays a big part in the play as movement and song gives the ensemble the chance to perform together on stage. John Hogan said; ‘…music is a huge part of the play. We wanted to keep the story reasonably fun and entertaining and the 70’s soundtrack certainly does that. It also helps to exaggerate the social divides with classical music representing the royalty, disco for Rasputin and punk for the anarchists. Music helps us to reinterpret the Rasputin story and lets audience know not to take it too seriously…’

Angie Smalis, Artistic Director of LYT further commented; ‘We, at Limerick Youth Theatre, are thrilled that we can offer TY students the opportunity to delve into theatre making and gain a valuable, hands-on work experience programme. The last few years have been challenging for the performing arts and although creativity is adaptable and versatile, it is wonderful to be able to provide in-house learning where the TYs learn from each other and present a fun piece of theatre to the general public.’

Limerick Youth Theatre is delighted to be able to run its Transition Year Theatre Company thanks to the generous support from Limerick City and County Council through its Social Intervention Fund and Limerick Clare Education Training Board.

Shows: Tuesday 1st March @ 19.00, Wednesday 2 March @ 11.00 & 14.00 (3 shows in total)

Ticket: €10

School bookings and under 18s: €5

Tickets: 061 953 400 or https://limetreetheatre.ie/events/2425-discoisthewaytogo/

Transition Youth Theatre (TYT) is a special outreach programme offered to transition year students by Limerick Youth Theatre. The programme gives students interested in all aspects of theatre, a chance to stage their own production with a professional crew in an established venue in Limerick city.

Limerick Youth Theatre (LYT) is a company of young performers, dancers, writers to provide opportunities for young people from all backgrounds to cross social/cultural divides through youth drama experiences. It runs a two-year training course in theatre and performing arts.