Return to Storyland

The Creative Show is a variety/family friendly project directed by Myles Breen with movement pieces choreographed by Angie Smalis. It is performed by Limerick Youth Theatre, The Daughters of Charity service users and features Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ & Ardscoil Rís choirs, Music Generation, Limerick and Lumen Street Theatre. This collaboration is in its eighth year and continues to involve LYT members, service users, choir, dancers and musicians who rehearse together over the course of three months culminating in over hundred fifty participants performing at The Lime Tree Theatre.


Where do stories go to when they are not being told? They Return to Storyland of course! Here all your favourite characters hang out on a small island. Obviously things are not always happily ever after here. Judge Judy is called in to sort out some legal issues and the dwarves are complaining about how they work all day to get no pay.  But there is fun times too. All your favourite princesses are having a girls night out while the princes are working out in the gym. There is romance as well; you’ll never guess who is going on ‘First Dates!. A clue “…Bibbity bobbity boo’. And we bring you the secrets behind the mysterious death of a giant, the main suspects are Jack, his mother, and a goose, but don’t worry – C.S.I. Story Land are on the case. We hope you enjoy Storyland and in the end that we all live happily ever after!


Shows: 15/16 March 2018
Time: 8pm
Venue: Lime Tree Theatre
Box Office:  061 953 400
Tickets: €12/€10 concession